New Jersey consumers and small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees can recycle for free at manufacturer-approved collection sites. All computers, monitors, laptops, desktop printers, desktop fax machines, and televisions are accepted for free recycling. Contact the Union County Office of Recycling and Planning An e-Steward store meets the highest standards on how to recycle e-waste materials and stops the illegal export of hazardous e-waste to developing countries. In addition, these plastics tend to contribute to greater contamination from food waste in the “single flow” mix, resulting in poorer quality of the cardboard and paper being marketed for recycling.

Plastic bags interfere with the mechanical recycling process by causing, slowing down, stopping, and damaging the recycling processing equipment in the recycling processing plant. While most people do well to recycle small items such as plastic and glass, it’s also an easy process to recycle concrete, asphalt, bricks and blocks. Concrete may be overlooked as a recyclable substance, but concrete in stairs, sidewalks, buildings and driveways is an acceptable material for recycling in New Jersey. YES: If you want to recycle your confidential documents, you can take them to a county or local sponsored shredding event.

Frozen food containers, including ice cream containers, are lined with plastic and cannot be recycled on the sidewalk. According to the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association, recycled concrete weighs 10-15% less than virgin products and works best on concrete and asphalt materials. Before recycling, you should prepare the batteries by placing them in individual bags or taping each end of the terminal. NO.

Unfortunately, shredded paper cannot be recycled on the sidewalk, as this material cannot be processed properly, as the equipment in the recycling plant is not designed to handle shredded paper. Recycled cardboard requires only 75% of the energy used to create new cardboard and reduces the sulfur dioxide emissions produced by making pulp from trees. In that state of New Jersey, you can recycle your car and truck tires at any local municipal recycling center or at a tire recycling business.

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