Residential Waste Collection& Disposal Call the Jersey City Department of Public Works (JCDPW) at 201-547-4400 to schedule a bulk waste collection. There are a variety of things that can happen after we pick up your mattress, and it all depends on the state it’s in. Some mattresses simply can’t be stowed, so JunkDoctors makes sure they end up in a facility that is properly equipped to handle mattress disposal in Jersey City, New Jersey. In many cases, parts of the old mattress can be recycled, and as long as you live near such a recycling facility, we’ll make sure the mattress gets there.

Of course, many mattresses that we remove still have life in them. If your old mattress has no stains, no tears or tears, and isn’t broken, we’ll make sure it’s donated to an organization that places old mattresses with people who need a decent place to sleep. If you’re ready to have a mattress removed, simply get in touch and JunkDoctors will be there. New Jersey makes recycling easy: Simply place all your eligible recyclable items in a bin without the hassle of separating glass from plastics or paper.

We offer mattress removal and removal services, as well as furniture removal, to all areas of Jersey City, including but not limited to Paulus Hook, Newport, Greenville, Croxton and more. You can use them as compost in your own backyard to provide a healthy outdoor space, or use one of New Jersey’s 200 composting facilities to recycle your garden cuttings. There are many regulations surrounding the handling of bedbug infested mattresses, so removing bed bug infested mattresses is not a service provided by all JunkDoctorNJ locations. Fortunately for New Jersey residents, most communities offer one day a month to collect these garbage items in bulk.

Many problems arise when disposing of a used mattress yourself, such as transportation and where to safely dispose of the old mattress. New Jersey has implemented “Project Medicine Drop,” in which residents can anonymously dispose of their medications at the local police station seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you have a bed bug mattress, let us know ahead of time and we’ll help you figure out how to get rid of it according to local law. Your local junkluggers company provides fast and reliable garbage disposal services for residents and businesses alike in Jersey City.

This means they will donate and recycle appliances, furniture, shelves and other reusable items before disposing of the rest, with the goal of keeping as much garbage as possible out of local landfills. Trust Mattress Disposal Plus, a Name You Can Trust for Fast, Friendly, and Safe Jersey City Mattress Disposal.

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