Paper recycling services in New Jersey are willing to pay generously for you to bring them different types of paper or cardboard for recycling. All you need to do is call the company and talk to them to learn about their requirements, pricing, and procedures for the different types of recyclable paper materials. Municipalities save money on their waste disposal if they recycle material, so indirectly New Jersey residents save money, through lower tax rates. Many companies pay generously for e-waste and can buy their used computers and cell phones.

Curbside recycling that was once a green source of profit in many cities has become another built-in cost that taxpayers must bear due to a series of changes in the market. Neighbor Clifton is considering joining the surge by requiring shoppers at her retail stores to bring their own tote bags or pay for paper bags. However, it has stopped providing grants to counties or new loans to businesses and now provides funds to municipalities only every two years, as loan repayments run out, said Ed Nieliwocki, Supervisor of the New Jersey DEP Division of Contract Administration.

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