In single-flow programs, bottles, cans, and other containers, as well as paper grades, are brought together in a recycling bin. Materials such as grease-tarnished pizza boxes and food are not recyclable, along with wax-coated cardboard containers. For example, certain juice containers, milk cartons, and boxes of agricultural products are coated with wax for added strength. Cardboard materials that are wet are still recyclable, but are more difficult to process and more difficult to transport.

Phil Murphy has signed a bill that will establish post-consumer recycled content requirements for rigid plastic containers, glass containers, paper and plastic carrier bags, and plastic garbage bags. The law also prohibits the sale of loosely filled polystyrene packaging. It is best to familiarize yourself with common waste metals to determine which ones can result in the greatest value for recycling. A manufacturer may request an exemption from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection if it can demonstrate that it will not be able to meet post-consumer recycled content requirements under certain conditions.

Contact your municipality’s public works department for scrap metal recycling options, or log in to Recycle Coach and follow the instructions for recycling options. If the paper packaging of the products came out of the store freezer, it cannot be recycled and must be placed in the garbage container. Rechargeable batteries found in mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and cordless power tools are recyclable. Plastic bags interfere with the mechanical recycling process by causing, slowing down, stopping, and damaging the recycling processing equipment in the recycling processing plant.

Lotterman said he did some spot checks recently and found that about three out of 10 homes still don’t properly clean or sort recyclables. In a recent report, Beyond Plastics called plastic “the new carbon because of its impacts on climate change. Remember that it’s always a good idea to read the labels and look for the most up-to-date information about your municipality’s recycling program. Staples can damage recycling machines and boxes with remaining staples will most likely be thrown away in the trash.

Plastic bags are a contaminant in Single Stream residential recycling and are considered to be the most problematic pollutant found in curbside recycling mix. Cost-effective also popularized single-stream recycling, which advocates say can reduce solid waste by 30 percent by further diverting recyclers. The New Jersey Dry Battery Management Act of 1991 and the Federal Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996 concluded that manufacturers of household batteries can make alkaline batteries without added mercury. It is now up to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to adopt rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the bill.

At local recycling centers and scrap tire facilities, each requires tipping fees; you can find information about tire recycling specific to your county on their website. It also closely monitored the New Jersey bill by drafting model legislation for the minimum content of post-consumer recycled plastic for items such as garbage bags and beverage containers.

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