New Jersey Program Funding New Jersey initially raised funds for its recycling program from the Solid Waste Recycling Tax (SWRT), levied at transfer stations, landfills and incinerators, and from the Solid Waste Service Tax (SWST). Many companies pay generously for e-waste and can buy their used computers and cell phones. This is important because recycling markets are regional, meaning New Jersey’s PCR law will benefit waste pickers and municipalities across the Northeast. Single-use bags can be returned to some supermarkets for recycling, but they are increasingly banned throughout New Jersey.

The recycling industry, which causes waste pickers and municipalities to pay more for recycling or resorting to dumping or incinerating materials. Paper recycling services in New Jersey are willing to pay generously for you to bring them different types of paper or cardboard for recycling. Marie Kruzan, executive director of the New Jersey Waste Pickers Association, said a modest profit can still be made if the material being recycled is clean. Curbside recycling that was once a green source of profit in many cities has become another built-in cost that taxpayers must bear due to a series of changes in the market.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Office of Recycling Solid and Hazardous Waste Program (SHWP) & Planning P. The Office of Recycling & Planning is located in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Program (SHWP) under the mantle of Environmental Regulations, in the Department of Environmental Protection environment (DEP). The New Jersey Smart Container Act essentially requires a 10¢ and 20¢ deposit on all personal beverage containers and establishes a redemption process for the State of New Jersey. If you want to make money with a recycling service in New Jersey, here are some ideas to help you capitalize on your recycling efforts.

Northern New Jersey residents who can accumulate large volumes of cans and bottles can find aluminum can recycling centers in that state just an hour away. The New Jersey WasteWise Business Network is an organization dedicated to spreading the message of WasteWise to businesses, local governments and other organizations in New Jersey.

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